The next generation concept car



The brief was to design a concept car for Maserati which embodies the values and principles behind the brand. The challenge was to convey performance, speed and power with grace, beauty and elegance; a modern creation in a class of its own. 

Avanzare, Italian for progress and moving forward, encapsulates the vision of the future and where this vehicle will take this iconic brand. 



Elegance. Luxury. Performance.




Maserati encapsulates a history of graceful classic design with elegant considered curves. Quality materials combined with perfection in detail make for a luxury finish, and with sporting history to excellence in production, beautiful styling complements speed and agility. 



Form and detail inspired by luxury goods that echo Maserati styling


The aerodynamic form of a yacht was the starting point of the design for this concept. Clean crisp lines borrowed from sharp tailoring combined with elegant curves formed the fundamental aspects behind this vision. 





Studies of classic cars from Maserati's heritage along with analysis of stealth vehicles led to an aggressive yet stylish aesthetic with balanced volumes.






Final render- side view


Final render- three quarter view


Final render- rear view