The key to successful innovation is harmoniously blending unusual elements together and my diverse background of education and occupation offers a unique insight and a fresh perspective into automotive design. 

A polymath with knowledge in anatomy, psychology, medicine and optics, passions ranging from journalism to photography and skills encompassing surgery to calligraphy, I consider myself to be a truly diverse individual.


Twelve years of experience in medicine and practicing as an eye surgeon has afforded me many privileges and inimitable experiences to change the lives of those I’ve treated. However as a creative individual full of ideas and yearning to innovate, it is lives of the wider population that I wish to influence. After years of restoring other people’s vision, the time has come to realise my own.



As a designer I am drawn to entities that exhibit balance and harmony, from geometry and mathematics to astronomy and creations in nature. It is this order that inspires my aesthetic, however fusing concepts and ideas I've experienced within my various fields of involvement is what stimulates the functionality and idea generation behind my work.


Automotive design is a field that is widening to incorporate a broader remit, thus we need not only the most skilled designers but also the brightest of minds to take it forward.